About Us


We started our journey at 2011, with our brand "Seremala Furniture". The word "Seremala" comes from Swahili language which means "the Carpenter", because Indonesia is famous for quality wood which is recognized worldwide. We believe that Indonesia’s natural wealth in the hand of talented human resources could become a wonderful creation. Here is our material specification at Seremala Furniture : Wooden Frame Mahogany, Meranti, Nyatoh are some of the most precious Indonesian woods that we use in our furniture production. Seremala Furniture use only oven wood, that we get from selected factory Foam We combine our selected foam, with well known density, so you can choose your favourive : firm, medium, or soft Webbing Our suspension built by high quality webbing, that gives you the unique experience yourself Dacron  Dacron covers our foam with the soft texture, enriches its shape, and gives the soft feeling after all Fabric    Seremala offers wide variants of fabric, to meet your personal demands Finishing                We have wooden and steel material for finishing, according to the products and applications. At Seremala Furniture, we offer only number one quality and first grade 304 for stainless steel.    


As we continue our journey at 2016 we launched our second brand “Iyenk Home”. Iyenk Home was once directed to our retail customer, now has launched to the projects, dedicated to the budgeting projects, yet still more lead at their standard of their grade. The existence of Iyenk Home give a great contribution in the challenging situations. Here is our material specification at Iyenk Home : Wooden Frame                   Mahogany, Meranti, Nyatoh are still the wood that we use for Iyenk Home. The wood is proceed naturally to become dry and ready to use wood. Foam      Medium Foam is the only options for Iyenk Home Webbing               Webbing is equal to Seremala Furniture specification Dacron  Dacron is equal to Seremala Furniture specification Fabric    We guide the specified fabric within some range of budget at Iyenk Home to keep the final cost compete Finishing Both wooden and steel are available according to the products and applications. At Iyenk Home, we offer second grade 201 for stainless steel We realized that every purchase you make is an investment for many years to come, this is why we are managed by professionals in the furniture business, for both of our brands.